Dancing about architecture

Opening the windows on our lives in an affluent Kuala Lumpur neighbourhood. — By Bilqis Hijjas ‘A performance in the neighbourhood’ was the tagline of 2 minute solos, a recent production by Five Arts Centre, because the work was presented at the headquarters of the… Read More

The pilgrim’s progress

Discovering a celebration of life in the Tin Mine and other places. — By Noelle Lim   IN HIS TINY living room of stacks of books, Eric Peris steals a glance at the portraits of his departed parents and sister. ‘I have a lot of… Read More

Misunderstanding misunderstanding

Specific individuals have specific agendas. — By Julian CH Lee In Mars Attacks, a generally forgettable film with an all-star cast, Martians land and announce that they ‘come in peace’. However, a well-meaning spectator symbolically releases a dove, to which the Martians appear to react… Read More

Lost and found

Rediscovering the Malay Hindu-Buddhist civilisation of Lembah Bujang — By Vinod Nair I first came to know of Bujang Valley‚ discovered in 1930s‚ from an article I read in Time magazine entitled, On the Road from Sapporo to Surabaya‚ in 2000. The section on Malaysia… Read More

Not kangkung

Spicy sour kungfu kick. — By Foong Li Mei & Szetoo Weiwen Not all chinese are fans of Chinese New Year. Unless your last name is Johansson, you can have too much scarlet(t). Chinese New Year feels like a celebration of obligation – a minefield… Read More

Bespoke Luxury

Customise your life, by your own hand. — Hosted by Fay Khoo Trust a former US president to popularise a catch phrase. Then again, he was the leader of the free world for the shortest time ever: Al Gore, Nobel laureate, described the looming catastrophe… Read More