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Bespoke Luxury

Illustration by Jun Kit

Illustration by Jun Kit

Customise your life, by your own hand.

Hosted by Fay Khoo

Trust a former US president to popularise a catch phrase. Then again, he was the leader of the free world for the shortest time ever: Al Gore, Nobel laureate, described the looming catastrophe of climate change as an ‘inconvenient truth’.

Inconvenient, because it’s far easier to carry on with business as usual than to change the pursuit of lifestyle, liberty and happiness; far easier to chant the mantra of economic growth and its promise of a better life (for the kangkung 99 per cent) than to examine it.

It’s heartening to see the efforts of the founders behind Cut and Baste, a tiny start up which aims not merely to revive the dying art of DIY but also to coax forth the slumbering domestics gods and goddesses which they believe reside in each and every one of our lazy souls.

Alicia and Cindy walk the walk with the poise and confidence of supermodels of an alternate universe. Their home is a sanctuary within the homogenous box ‘burbs of the world that the latest research show are festering with unhappy lives.

In their garden is a man made pond with fish that they harvest and feed their families with. The children’s tree house was made and stocked entirely from found and recycled domestic products. Decorations, clothing, accessories are all bespoke items.

Apart from a very tangible sense of accomplishment, the whimsy of Cut and Baste restores to many suburban homes the genuine choice and imagination denied them by prepackaged consumer life.

It may be a modest ambition, but the ladies are content to try and change things, one sewing class at a time.

Watch them create their very special homemade Chinese New Year in the video.

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